Cast Dancing Sculpture

Our popular dancing roots have been transformed into repeatable, lightweight, castable pieces. These Cast Dancing Sculptures are still eye-catching, artful and interesting ribbon-like forms everybody loves. It is finished in a faux bleached finish to mimic a real wood grain. These sculptures will add a soft neutral pallet and the perfect accent piece for any modern organic home.

Cast Revolving
Diamond Sculpture
Silver Leaf

Enjoy a mix of organic and metallic in Our Cast Revolving Root Rotating Sculptures. Each one has the same organic root shape with a smooth black metal outer frame, adding interest to the sculpture. This floor sculpture has the organic feeling of a natural piece and a beautiful metallic silver leaf finish, making it anything but ordinary.

Labrador, Laying
Liquid Silver

The fact that it is both playful and powerful makes our Laying Labrador Dog Sculpture a paradoxical decorative accessory. Ears lowered and expression serene, it’s man’s best friend without the hassle of maintenance! A true artisanal piece.