New Finish

River Stone
Liquid Gold Finish

There is something mesmerizing about the power of water and how it softens rock into a water-worn stone. Designer, Jason Phillips, found inspiration in Nature's ability to shape a hard surface into something beautiful. With no harsh lines or hard edges, there is no need to worry about bruised shins and bumped heads with the delicate outline of this stunningly simple piece. The top surface is flat and functional. Available in two sizes and various finishes. The River Stone Coffee Table continues to be a bestseller.  Now available in our liquid gold finish.

Liquid gold is our most luxurious finish that works both indoors and outdoors. This special process uses only the finest hand-applied Italian finishes. The liquid gold finish can create a lustrous look on any shape, transforming the ordinary to extraordinary.
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Console Table

The look and texture of lava stone is captured using a blend of resin and concrete with a beautiful hand-touched finish. The stainless steel top adds just the right of glamour and sophistication to these organic shapes.
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Kono Collection

Kono Side Table
Kono Coffee Table
Kono Hourglass
Hourglass shaped piece cast and finished with real bronze powder. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Ribbed texture adds depth to this simple form. This piece works as both a pedestal and a dining table base.

Peep Hole
Side Table

This playfully elegant side table is carved from solid acacia wood with a decorative hole, and painted a matte black. We kept a freeform feel to the sides by not simply using straight cuts giving an organic feeling to this great piece. We love how this new dark finish changes the feel of this best selling table.
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These simple, yet elegant chairs are crafted from solid Chamcha wood. Hand sculpted with a rounded seat, these chairs will bring a soft organic look to any space. Finished with various metal bases in either matte black or polished stainless steel, and available in different heights.
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At Phillips Collection, we are highly selective in the wood we source. Chamcha is a fast-growing species of the acacia family and is native to Thailand. We are drawn to the beautiful wood grains and blonde sap line. Carved with love to make a perfect product for your space.

Round Side Table

Round Pedestal




Acacia with beautiful wood grains.